Remove CO2 permanently with carbonˣ

We help companies achieve their climate targets by securing high-quality permanent carbon removal credits.

Accelerating carbon removal.


It is undisputed that keeping the rise in global temperatures below 1.5°C will need an increased focus on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) — taking CO₂ out of the atmosphere and storing it permanently away.

We empower buyers to maximise their climate impact by securing access to future carbon credits and to actively participate in the growth of the carbon removal industry.

CDR projects translate these commitments into funding and secured revenues for multiple years, enabling capacity expansion and meaningful growth in carbon capture & storage.



How we work?

At Carbonx we have specialized on providing permanent carbon removal solutions to corporate customers. We aggregate the demand into buyer coalitions and secure large-volume deals with a continuously managed pool of carbon removal projects.

De-risked approach

Our standard for quality prevents you from any greenwashing allegations. We also manage non-delivery risk.

Frictionless Procurement

Leverage our expertise & platform to streamline carbon credit procurement.

Access & Scale

Gain access to the future supply of high-quality, permanent carbon credits.

Access high-quality permanent carbon removal solutions

Our platform features the best-in-class carbon removal projects. Our team does the research, ensures ongoing monitoring, and leverages unique access to high-quality credits on your behalf.

Direct Air Capture

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Biomass CDR

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Enhanced Weathering

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Ocean CDR

And more

Why Carbonx? 

Your benefits when securing your CDR credits with us.
Seemless procurement.

We handle the entire process, from sourcing and execution to managing delivery, to save you time and money.

Reduce risk.

Our standard for quality prevents you from any greenwashing allegations. We also manage non-delivery risk.

Dedicated expertise

We are science-backed, specialise exclusively in carbon removal technologies and work with leading scientist and carbon removal experts.

Better terms & transparency.

We buy bulk from suppliers and can access best deals and prices. We provide full transparency.

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Quantifying impact in Carbon Removal

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