Compensate your Residual Emissions with Carbon Removal

Carbonx helps you access high-quality carbon removals, in compliance with SBti, to reach your ambitious climate targets

We assist our clients in building a robust inventory of carbon removals tailored to their long-term Net-Zero ambitions. By employing a diversified portfolio approach, we ensure engagement with the most promising and innovative permanent carbon removal pathways in the field.

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Why Buy Carbon Removal Now?

Align with Existing & Future Regulations

Growing numbers of regulatory frameworks and initiatives (SBTi, ISO standards, EU CRCF) require companies to remove their residual emissions with high-quality, durable carbon removals and achieve a Net-Zero target.

Benefit from First Mover's Advantage

Secure beneficial terms and supply by contracting early, such as options on future volumes, beneficial prices, or priority delivery. Such options won't be available for buyers as the supply becomes scarce.

Be a Climate Leader & Avoid Reputational Risks

Walk the talk and strengthen brand image towards investors, customers and employees. Maximize climate impact with the highest quality carbon removal - durable, additional and measurable - and minimize chances of greenwashing allegations.

OUr services

Carbonx as your Trusted Procurement Partner

We cover the entire CDR procurement value chain and handle the complexity and risk of managing multi-year agreements across a portfolio of carbon removal purchases.


Project Discovery and Sourcing


Project Selection and Due Diligence


CDR Project Contracting


Monitoring and Delivery Probability Management

OUr Methodology

Rigorous Due Diligence

Our robust due diligence methodology ensures confidence in the investment and protects buyers from the uncertainties inherent in the emerging CDR industry.

Our assessment framework, developed in collaboration with world-renowned scientists and carbon removal experts, allows us to evaluate and score each project. This ensures that our clients are connected only with the best-in-class CDR projects.



Protects buyers from reputational risks by considering the following criteria:


  • Durability & storage
  • Additionality
  • Net negativity
  • Verifiability
  • Environmental & social integrity


Protects buyers from financial risks by considering the following criteria:


  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Strategy & Team


Aims to maximise buyers' impact on climate & CDR market by considering:


  • Scalability potential
  • Catalytic impact
  • Co-benefits

Monitoring & Reporting

We actively manage the portfolio to mitigate any non-delivery risks and support our clients with their reporting needs:

  • Risk management
  • End-to-end delivery monitoring
  • Carbonx team site visits
  • Support on company-specific reporting & communication activities
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Why Carbonx?

Reasons for Choosing Carbonx for Your Carbon Removal Needs

Unique Focus on High-Quality and Permanent Carbon Removal

Our exclusive focus on CDRs allows us to craft bespoke carbon removal portfolios that align precisely with our clients' specific sustainability goals, ensuring a targeted and effective approach.

Unparalleled Market Access

With the broadest coverage in the CDR sector, we guarantee access to the highest quality projects. This is made possible through our strong relationships with leading project developers across the globe.

Assured Quality and Expertise

Our robust methodological framework, developed in collaboration with top scientists and carbon removal experts, allows us to evaluate and score each project rigorously. This ensures that our clients are connected only with the best-in-class CDR projects, guaranteeing excellence and effectiveness.

Seamless End-to-End Process

We simplify the complexity of carbon removal procurement. We manage every step with precision and expertise – from initial sourcing and thorough due diligence to contract management, ongoing monitoring, and detailed reporting.

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