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Carbonx is your trusted Carbon Removals (CDR) procurement and management partner for high-quality permanent carbon dioxide removals to reach your Net Zero targets.

At Carbonx, we're dedicated to catalysing a Net-Zero future by accelerating the deployment of leading permanent carbon removal technologies.

Our name signifies our commitment to exponential growth in carbon removal technologies, aligning with IPCC targets.

We are committed to providing accessible, high-quality solutions for a sustainable and resilient world.

Carbonx is trusted by Leading CDR buyers and Climate Pioneers.

Removal Pathways

At Carbonx, our mission is rooted in permanence. We specialise in cutting-edge removal technologies designed for long-term impact, ensuring carbon is sequestered for at least 500 years. We adopt a portfolio approach to maximise climate benefits for our clients while mitigating investment risks in these emerging technologies. Our portfolios feature:

Direct Air Capture

Biomass CDR

Enhanced Weathering

Ocean CDR

Direct Air Capture
Biomass CDR
Enhanced Weathering & Mineralisation
Ocean CDR
OUr Service

Your Carbon Removal (CDR) Procurement Partner

At Carbonx, we combine effective carbon removal solutions with unparalleled market intelligence, leading to a seamless and informed procurement journey for buyers. Our services include:

Informed Project Sourcing

Accessing cutting-edge CDR technologies globally, informed by our deep market insights

Rigorous Due Diligence

Guaranteeing quality and reliability, following a science-based approach

Efficient Contract Management

Streamlined processes for effective agreements

Monitoring and Reporting

Detailed reports on your portfolio status to ensure the robustness and reliability of your carbon removal investments

OUr Methodology

Rigorous Due Diligence

Our robust due diligence methodology ensures confidence in the investment and protects buyers from the uncertainties inherent in the emerging Carbon Removal (CDR) industry.



Protects buyers from reputational risks such as potential exposure to public backlash in case of link with the oil & gas industry, lack of additionality or negative impact on the local environment


Protects buyers from financial risks such as portfolio exposure in case of late delivery, and in case of pre-payment, exposure to the supplier's solvency dependent on on-time and at-cost delivery


Maximises buyers' impact on climate & CDR market to identify the most promising CDR projects and facilitate the best possible allocation of funds

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Why Carbonx?

Four reasons for choosing Carbonx for your carbon removal (CDR) needs

Unique Focus on CDR

Unparalleled Market Access

Assured Quality and Expertise

Seamless End-to-End Process

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