Remove CO2 permanently with carbonˣ

We help organizations with the procurement of high-quality and permanent carbon removal credits to reduce risks while maximizing climate impact.

Access a pool of high-quality permanent carbon credits

The Carbonˣ pool features the best-in-class carbon removal projects for permanence, additionality, verifiability and net-negativity. Our team does the research, ensures ongoing monitoring, and leverages unique access to high-quality credits on your behalf.

Direct Air Capture

Enhanced Weathering

Ocean Alkalinity

Bio-based (+ long-term storage)

And more

The Carbonˣ platform

De-risk your carbon offsetting strategy by focusing on scalable, permanent solutions

De-risked Credits

Only pay on actual delivery and upon garantuee of our high-quality standards.

Frictionless Procurement

Leverage our expertise & platform to streamline carbon credit procurement.

Access & Scale

Gain access to the future supply of high-quality, permanent carbon credits.

High-quality standards


The removed carbon must be stored permanently, which we define as at least for multiple centuries.


Rather than taking credit for removal that was already going to occur, Carbonˣ ensures net new removal.

Net Negativity

Carbonˣ ensures that the carbon credits represent an overall net reduction in atmospheric CO2.


Rigorous, transparent, scientific methods have been used for monitoring and verifying the removal.

Accelerating carbon removal.

Carbonx Climate empowers buyers to maximise their climate impact by securing access to future carbon credits and to actively participate in the growth of the carbon removal industry. 

CDR projects translate these commitments into funding and secured revenues for multiple years, enabling capacity expansion and meaningful growth in carbon capture & storage.



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Frequently asked questions

How does the Carbonˣ model work for my organization?

Carbonˣ helps you determine an initial, financial commitment to secure a future stream of permanent carbon removal credits. The carbon removal technology companies benefit from securing early demand, which facilitates further financing to scale their operations. Your organization’s funds are only deployed when the actual delivery of permanent carbon removal credits takes place. Carbonˣ continues to research and monitor the removal activities on your behalf, providing you unique access to scarce high-quality credits, while truly and effectively contributing to the solutions our planet needs to fight climate change.

Can my organization choose the projects in which we participate?

At this time, the Carbonˣ platform gives you access to a de-risked pool of carbon removal technologies and projects. Carbonˣ is continuously reviewing and updating this pool to ensure high-quality and top performance, thus mitigating risk on your behalf. Your organization’s funds are only disbursed for actual, delivered credits that meet Carbonˣ’s high standards of quality for permanence, additionality and net-negativity.

Why does Carbonˣ only focus on permanent carbon removal?

Once emitted, CO2 can stay in the atmosphere for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. Therefore, simply put, it logically follows that the truly impactful removal solutions must deliver at least along the same timelines. This is why Carbonˣ’s permanent removal criteria starts at removal & storage of at least 1,000 years. We believe that carbon removal methods that provide credits for avoided emissions or that remove CO2 only temporarily should be viewed and leveraged or accounted for in a different manner than permanent carbon removal methods. Moreover, temporary removal (e.g. nature-based solutions that offer less than 100 or 1,000 years of storage) could potentially expose organizations that are funding such projects to future greenwashing allegations and other financial risks (mainly due to emission reversal risk). At Carbonˣ, we are also continuously keeping up-to-date with current regulations while anticipating future ones that may have an impact on recognizing permanent carbon removal credits.

Can Carbonˣ help my organization measure its emissions and overall footprint?

At this time, no, Carbonˣ does not provide footprint or emission measurement tools and only focuses on helping organizations with the procurement of permanent carbon removal credits. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, we believe it is important that Carbonˣ does not advise companies on carbon accounting or measurement.

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