Our Vision

At Carbonˣ we aim to become a leading player in the world’s transition to net-zero by reversing the negative climate impacts for future generations. We plan to accomplish this by accelerating the market development of permanent carbon removals and by providing the transaction infrastructure & easy access to high-quality carbon removal. Carbonˣ stands for Carbon raised to the power of x, referencing to our vision and the exponential growth needed in carbon removal to reach the IPCC targets.

    Our values  

    We are a diverse team with a broad set of backgrounds and experiences, but share common values: 

      • Ambition: we are convinced that the climate crisis requires bold, prompt and practical action and we see it as our responsibility to be part of the solution.
      • Science-driven: we value data and facts more than opinions. We are following a science-based approach and data-driven decision-making, evidence-based research, and collaboration with scientific experts to guide the company’s decisions.
      • Transparency & integrity: we believe utmost integrity and transparency are crucial to develop the nascent removal industry. 
      • Collaborative: we are open-minded, willing to learn and collaborate with other industry players, prioritizing the overall objective to solve the climate crisis above the narcissism of small differences.