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Carbonx Climate is your long-term partner for the development of your projects. We offer various tools and instruments to accelerate your development so you can focus on what you do best: capture and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Access tailored-made finance solutions.


Offtake agreements.

Secure demand for future carbon removal at pre-determined price.



Sell options and secure funding today for future potential sales.



Secure funding today for future delivery of your credits


Spot sale.

Sell credits today for carbon that has already been removed. 

Use standardised procurement contracts.

We developed standardised carbon agreements to use directly, saving time and mitigating risks.

Leverage your financing strategy.

We help you leverage our commitment and partnership with your financial partners to maximise your project success.

Our Standards Criteria


Rigorous demonstration of the following criteria is most critical qualifying step as part of our purchasing process


The carbon must be removed and stored for at least multiple centuries, with low reversal risk.


Rather than taking credit for removal that was already going to occur, net new removal is ensured.

Net Negativity

Ensure that the carbon credits represent an overall net reduction in atmospheric CO2.


Rigorous, transparent, scientific methods have been (or will be) used for monitoring and verifying the removal.

Safety & legality

Project is working towards the highest standards of safety, compliance, and local environmental outcomes; actively mitigates risks and negative environmental and other externalities on an ongoing basis.

NB: Co-benefits are not part of our standard criteria. Carbonx however values co-benefits positively in the context of a potential collaboration

Additional Assessment Criteria

In addition to our Standard Criteria, we also review the following standards. The degree to which those criteria are reviewed depends on the structure and specificities of the collaboration.

Commercial & financial

Credible path and roadmap between current data and future carbon removal delivery projections.

Team & operational capacity

Credible team and project partners to achieve projected outcome.


Credible path to MRV addressing all regulatory requirements and high-fidelity TEA in place.

Ecosystem readiness

High degree of certainty of low ecosystem impact.

Risk assessment

Review of potential risks and mitigation strategies.

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