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Carbonx releases "Bridging the CDR Financing Gap - The Comprehensive Guide"

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03 June 2024
Carbonx Financing Report

Strategies for Scaling Deployment

Carbonx is excited to announce the release of our latest report, a comprehensive guide designed to inform and engage all stakeholders within the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) ecosystem. This report serves as a vital resource for CDR suppliers, buyers, financiers, philanthropists, and public institutions, aiming to foster collaboration and drive collective action in our shared mission to combat climate change.

Authored by finance experts with firsthand experience in the early CDR market, Carbonx is proud to present its first CDR Financing Rerpot. This comprehensive study offers an in-depth analysis of the unique challenges and opportunities that define CDR financing, setting it apart from traditional climate finance. The report closely examines the critical factors shaping CDR financing, including financial instruments, bankability requirements, risk profiles per pathway, collaterals, and the impact of cost structures (Opex vs Capex) on financing feasibility. It highlights the limitations of current approaches and addresses potential risks that could affect the cost of capital, business strategies, and overall performance.

The CDR Financing Report is not just a theoretical study, but a practical guide. It offers actionable insights and strategies for both CDR suppliers and financing partners, fostering collaboration and innovation in our joint mission to scale CDR deployment and bridge the gap towards a sustainable future.

To view the full comprehensive guide, click this link and simply fill in your details.

Carbonx Financing Report
Carbonx Financing Report

At Carbonx, our mission is to catalyse meaningful change through informed action and strategic partnerships. Drawing on our extensive experience and deep engagement with various stakeholders in both the CDR and financing sectors, we have compiled insights that are grounded in practical fieldwork and firsthand interactions. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.