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Carbonx expands operations to Switzerland

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06 May 2024

Swiss expansion marks continued growth

Carbonx, a leading provider of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) solutions has extended its presence to Switzerland, supplementing its commercial efforts in the country.

CDR as key pillar of Switzerland Climate policy

This move comes as CDR is set to play an increasingly important role in the Swiss climate policy. Specific CDR targets are outlined in the Swiss National Long-Term Strategy and a roadmap for carbon capture and storage and CDR. In particular, Switzerland aims to remove 2 Mt of CO2 per year within its national territory by 2050, as well as 5 Mt of CO2 per year abroad. 

Voted by the Swiss population in June 2023, the Climate and Innovation Act has further enshrined the objective of the country to reach net GHG neutrality, defined as a balance between emissions and removals to compensate for residual emissions, by 2050. After 2050, removals should be higher than GHG emissions, thus creating a net negative target.

Switzerland as leading hub for CDR

With leading carbon removal projects such as Climeworks or Neustark, pioneering Buyers such as SwissRe, UBS or the Zürcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland has been at the forefront of the global carbon removal markets. The country also benefits from strong support for R&D and innovation. While the ETH is home to several world-leading CDR experts, the government's Environment Research Master Plan 2021-2024 also ranked CDR as a top research priority.

Carbonx has already been active in the country engaging closely with Buyers, Suppliers, government entities and associations such as the Swisscleantech. This expansion will further support Carbonx's efforts in Switzerland.

"Switzerland has a unique cluster of highly advanced and knowledgeable CDR buyers and numerous companies with ambitious climate targets. Carbonx's strategic expansion demonstrates our commitment to providing tailored services and fostering close customer relationships"

Mevina Caviezel, Head of Business Development & DACH Region

Carbonx's expansion into Switzerland marks an important step forward in the company's mission to accelerate the global adoption of carbon removal solutions.