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Carbonx partners with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Exomad Green on CDR purchase

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13 March 2024

At Carbonx, our mission is to identify and drive investment to the most promising and scalable Carbon Removal initiatives.

We are thrilled to share an update by solidifying our ongoing partnerships with Exomad Green and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), for whom we have facilitated the purchase of 3,000 tons of carbon removal, marking a significant stride in our collective mission.

Exomad Green is currently the largest producer of high quality biochar in the world. It transforms sustainable forestry residues into biochar. This product is then distributed to indigenous farming communities and medium-sized agricultural operations across the Bolivian lowlands. This initiative aims to rejuvenate degraded soils, thereby reducing deforestation driven by soil degradation near the country's most critical forests.

This collaboration with Carbonx, and BCG represents an important moment for Exomad Green, illustrating how impactful climate action is achievable through strategic alliances with significant market players. We are honored to contribute to this collective effort, eager to underscore the essential function of biochar in carbon capture, soil improvement, environmental justice, and deforestation reduction.” Diego Justiniano, CEO of Exomad Green

"We are proud to partner with Exomad Green and Carbonx on this significant carbon removal initiative. Exomad's biochar production capabilities allow us to continue expanding our portfolio of carbon dioxide removals carbon credits. This collaboration reflects BCG's dedication to innovative and durable solutions to combat the climate crisis, our commitment to achieving net zero climate impact by 2030, and becoming climate positive thereafter.” David Webb, Chief Sustainability Officer of BCG

Following an in-depth technical and commercial review, Exomad's operational excellence and carbon integrity confirmed them as a great addition to BCG's portfolio, showcasing our shared commitment to permanent and climate-relevant solutions. Carbonx is equally thrilled about this partnership with BCG, as it strengthens our determination to drive scalable and sustainable environmental progress.” Paolo Piffaretti, CEO of Carbonx

At Carbonx, we have the privilege of working with leading CDR buyers in the industry and many high-impact carbon removal projects across a diverse spectrum of removal pathways.

Together with our partners Exomad Green & Boston Consulting Group (BCG), we’re bringing carbon removal to climate relevance.