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Our carbon removal solutions and expertise helps you access the best CDR to achieve your climate objectives.

The Business Case for buying carbon removal now.

1. Align with future regulations.

There are growing number of regulatory frameworks and initiatives, such as the SBTi, ISO Standards and EU CRCF, which require companies to remove their residual emissions with permanent carbon removal credits to claim net-zero carbon.

2. Avoid the reputational risk from buying traditional offsets.

Buying low-quality offsets or those with a high risk of reversal means there’s a chance your organization could expose itself to future greenwashing allegations.

3. Lock in supply.

As more buyers enter the market, the growing demand will exceed the limited supply available over the next decade. Companies securing their carbon credits today will gain a competitive advantage due to preffered access available to early adopters.

4. Be seen as a true Climate Leader.

Investing in this rapidly growing space allows early movers to strenghen their brand and reputation towards talents, customers and investors.

Our Service

End-to-end managed service for your carbon removal journey.

Before the purchase

  • Pick project portfolio based on your impact & risk profile
  • Determine delivery timeline based on your budget and climate goals

Transaction execution

  • Project sourcing based on 60+ high-quality CDR projects
  • Contract negotiation with optimized terms

After the transaction

  • Ongoing performance monitoring, projets and metrics tracking
  • Regular communication & impact updates

At credit delivery

  • Accepting credits
  • Holding, retiring and allocating credits

Our Methodology

1. Quality Assessment

to select the highest-quality removal projects, Carbonx conducts a comparative project assessment based on the following methodology

Existing and upcoming standards & regulations

Our Quality Assessement 



Removal quality according to our Standards Criteria


Technological, commercial and financial risk assessement


Catalityic impact assessement for CDR

Overall Project Score

2. Strategic fit

Carbonx Customers can further refine their preferences and portfolio based on individual preferences

Geographical preferences

Technological preferences

Price sensitivity & budget

Timing & delivery schedules


Impact & risk profile

Track your impact, communicate & inspire

Follow and share your organization’s impact on accelerating carbon removal technologies while fighting climate change.

Showcase truthful and transparent climate action!

Procurement Models

Buyers Club

A pay-as-you-go model for companies aiming to maximise their climate impact with a limited budget.

Commitment: < 1,000t CO2

Portfolio: Fixed

Custom Portfolio

A customisable portfolio of permanent removal pathways meeting companies specific criteria.

Commitment:  1,000t – 5,000t CO2

Portfolio: Customisable

Request For Proposal (RFP)

A customisable RFP process for companies aiming to leverage market dynamics to meet specific requirements.

Commitment: > 5,000t CO2

RFP: Customisable


Start your carbon removal journey today

Carbonˣ helps organisations on their net zero journey by facilitating access to high-quality and permanent carbon removal solutions.

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