Project Development Data

Certain carbon removal methods are more established and therefore in a later development stage than others.

CDR Companies by Development Stage

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  • For Development Stage terminology, please visit the glossary of terms.
  • Projects in lab and pilot stages are diversified across removal pathways, primarily within Direct Air Capture, Ocean-based removals and mineralisation.
  • Projects in commercialisation are primarily biochar projects, where the technology is more mature.

CDR Companies by Technological Readiness Level

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  • For Technological Readiness Level definitions, please visit the glossary of terms.
  • Projects in TLR 9 primarily include bio-based projects with long-terme storage.
  • Wide range between TRL within removal pathways (e.g. DAC, between 2-9) due to the varieties of singular technological innovations.

Permanent CDR Companies over Time

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